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    HEATHER MCNAMARA + moodboard

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    The last goodbye

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    if you ever think a tv show is doing something completely weird, you should know that Glee once had a teenage girl giving birth to the music of Bohemian Rhapsody, cross cutting the scene with a showchoir of teenagers performing the song at the standard of experienced professionals.

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    things i need

    • to live in new york city
    • unlimited money so i can see all the broadway shows i want
    • thats it
    • that’s literally all i need

    I’ll also take comps

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    in Spring Awakening they don’t say “I love you” they masturbate on stage which means “I want to have sex with you in a barn” and i think that’s beautiful

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    • Me: Mom? Dad? I'm a thespian.
    • Dad: The Bible says Adam and Eve, not Aaron Tveit and Idina Menzel.
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    Celia Keenan-Bolger in The Glass Menagerie (2013).

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